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What the Frickity Frack
Paddillywack is that?
Julian "Jules" Borde 
10th-Aug-2015 01:01 am


Julian "Jules" Borde

as portrayed by:Avan Jogia

Full Name: Julian Borde

SPECIAL: Goes by Jules; is 1/2 Indian 1/2 French (his maternal grandparents came over on ships from India with others); Pansexual but doesn't realize it

Age: 26

DOB: August 9th

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165 lbs

Hair:  LENGTH/STYLE: as pictured

COLOR: black

Eye Color: brown

Skin: TONE: tanned

SCARS/BIRTHMARK: a small scar bisecting his left eyebrow

Country of Origin: Born in the US; his maternal grandparents from India, his mother born in India, his father a Everton resident from birth who is French by blood.

Family:  PARENTS: Tanvi Borde (STATUS: Alive); Charles Borde (STATUS: Alive, Away on Business at start of RP)

SIBLINGS: Only child

Defining Features: facial hair as pictured, his long hair, the tops of his ears are pierced with small silver hoops

Personality: laid back, witty, very smart, quiet in serious situations, otherwise very loud, loves parties, but also likes quiet time away from others, he is very much into his art and constantly takes photos of everything so he can paint them later

QUOTES:  "Oh yes, Momma, yes.  I believe you, if I don't put on this sweater I will die of frostbite.  See? See how I'm wearing it?  I'm so dutiful. Yes, I love you, too."  "Ow, Ow! Papa, I'm sorry! I won't tell Nana next time you and Momma sneak out! Hahaha! I promise! OW!"

Friends: Tom Flint (STATUS:Alive);

LOVES: Mary Flint (STATUS:Deceased);


ENEMIES: Madison James (STATUS: Alive); James Crime Family Syndicate (STATUS: Auspicious); Olivia James (STATUS: Alive)

Blood Type: Type AB

Likes: trying new things, adrenaline, art, photography, reading, b horror movies, romcoms, learning new things, diplomacy, pacifism, vegetarian, doesn't drink liquor only beer,  debates, guitar, piano music, dancing

DISLIKES: James Family, Crime, guns, knives, weapons of any sort, liquor, meat, violence, lying for the wrong reasons,

Appears in:

DESCRIBED AS: A young man in loose fitting long-sleeved white tee with a thick jacket pulled on over top and a pair of tight jeans with worn sneakers. His hair is pulled back into a pony tail and a polaroid camera hangs around his neck.


TONES USED MOST OFTEN: laughed, jokes, snickered, chuckled, murmured, said, teased, whined, cajoled, spat, snapped, hissed, whispered, sniffed, sneered

Part of:  SCHOOL:  N

ORGANIZATION: Art Gallery (STATUS: Employee, occasional showcase artist);

TEAM:  ____ (STATUS:);


KEY MOMENTS IN PAST: Meeting Mary, meeting Tai, becoming their friends, watching them fall in love and date,  befriending Tom, getting into art and photography, having long talks about whether poetry was considered art with Tai and Mary, attending Mary's Funeral,

KEY MOMENTS IN STORY: Learning to play the guitar while Mary learned the violin and Tai the Piano, Playing songs together throughout middle and high school, Falling in love with Mary and never telling anyone, Finding out that Mary was dead, Finding out by listening into half a conversation with Tai and his mom that she was the one who did it,  punching Tai in the face, continuously trying to bring down the James Family, getting a job at the local art studio,

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