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What the Frickity Frack
Paddillywack is that?
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10th-Aug-2015 01:01 am - Julian "Jules" Borde


Julian "Jules" Borde

as portrayed by:Avan Jogia

Full Name: Julian Borde

SPECIAL: Goes by Jules; is 1/2 Indian 1/2 French (his maternal grandparents came over on ships from India with others); Pansexual but doesn't realize it

Age: 26

DOB: August 9th

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165 lbs

Hair:  LENGTH/STYLE: as pictured

COLOR: black

Eye Color: brown

Skin: TONE: tanned

SCARS/BIRTHMARK: a small scar bisecting his left eyebrow

Country of Origin: Born in the US; his maternal grandparents from India, his mother born in India, his father a Everton resident from birth who is French by blood.

Family:  PARENTS: Tanvi Borde (STATUS: Alive); Charles Borde (STATUS: Alive, Away on Business at start of RP)

SIBLINGS: Only child

Defining Features: facial hair as pictured, his long hair, the tops of his ears are pierced with small silver hoops

Personality: laid back, witty, very smart, quiet in serious situations, otherwise very loud, loves parties, but also likes quiet time away from others, he is very much into his art and constantly takes photos of everything so he can paint them later

QUOTES:  "Oh yes, Momma, yes.  I believe you, if I don't put on this sweater I will die of frostbite.  See? See how I'm wearing it?  I'm so dutiful. Yes, I love you, too."  "Ow, Ow! Papa, I'm sorry! I won't tell Nana next time you and Momma sneak out! Hahaha! I promise! OW!"

Friends: Tom Flint (STATUS:Alive);

LOVES: Mary Flint (STATUS:Deceased);


ENEMIES: Madison James (STATUS: Alive); James Crime Family Syndicate (STATUS: Auspicious); Olivia James (STATUS: Alive)

Blood Type: Type AB

Likes: trying new things, adrenaline, art, photography, reading, b horror movies, romcoms, learning new things, diplomacy, pacifism, vegetarian, doesn't drink liquor only beer,  debates, guitar, piano music, dancing

DISLIKES: James Family, Crime, guns, knives, weapons of any sort, liquor, meat, violence, lying for the wrong reasons,

Appears in:

DESCRIBED AS: A young man in loose fitting long-sleeved white tee with a thick jacket pulled on over top and a pair of tight jeans with worn sneakers. His hair is pulled back into a pony tail and a polaroid camera hangs around his neck.


TONES USED MOST OFTEN: laughed, jokes, snickered, chuckled, murmured, said, teased, whined, cajoled, spat, snapped, hissed, whispered, sniffed, sneered

Part of:  SCHOOL:  N

ORGANIZATION: Art Gallery (STATUS: Employee, occasional showcase artist);

TEAM:  ____ (STATUS:);


KEY MOMENTS IN PAST: Meeting Mary, meeting Tai, becoming their friends, watching them fall in love and date,  befriending Tom, getting into art and photography, having long talks about whether poetry was considered art with Tai and Mary, attending Mary's Funeral,

KEY MOMENTS IN STORY: Learning to play the guitar while Mary learned the violin and Tai the Piano, Playing songs together throughout middle and high school, Falling in love with Mary and never telling anyone, Finding out that Mary was dead, Finding out by listening into half a conversation with Tai and his mom that she was the one who did it,  punching Tai in the face, continuously trying to bring down the James Family, getting a job at the local art studio,

10th-Aug-2015 12:22 am - Mattias James


Mattias "Tai" James

as portrayed by: Alex Pettyfer

Full Name: Mattias Scott James

SPECIAL: Goes by "Tai"; is Bisexual

Age: 25

DOB: June 16th

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 174 lbs

Hair:  LENGTH/STYLE:  as pictured

COLOR: Blond/dirty blond

Eye Color: green (can appear blue at times)

Skin: TONE: as pictured

SCARS/BIRTHMARK: a scar from a GSW right above his left hip, a few tiny scars on his right shoulder

Country of Origin: USA

Family:  PARENTS: Madison James (STATUS: Alive); Scott James (STATUS: Alive, imprisoned)

SIBLINGS: Olivia James (STATUS: Alive); Mark James (STATUS: Alive)

Defining Features: strong jawline, deep green eyes, extremely muscular

Personality: He is a quiet, determined person. He can be very sarcastic and flirty.  He is intelligent but not a genius.  

QUOTES: "Either tell me what you want or get out."  "Here.  All I have is an apple. Take it. I can't work with your stomach growling."

Friends: Jordan Yoast (STATUS: Alive);

LOVES: Jordan Yoast (STATUS:Alive, broken up); Tom Flint (STATUS: Alive, broken up); Mary Flint (STATUS: Deceased)

RIVALS: Jules (STATUS: Alive); Olivia James (STATUS: Alive)

ENEMIES: Madison James (STATUS: Alive);

Blood Type: Type O

Likes: B Horror movies, chick flicks (he'll deny it), pizza with everything on it,

DISLIKES: burgers, wine, modern horror flicks, reading, playing piano

Appears in: The Soap Opera RP

DESCRIBED AS: A tall young man in tight dark jeans and a fitted v-neck tee.  He has a black leather jacket pulled tight around him.

Voice: DESCRIBED AS: Baritone

TONES USED MOST OFTEN: Said, quipped, snapped, yawned, sighed, rasped, hoarsed, roared, hissed through his teeth, murmured, mumbled, whispered

Part of:  SCHOOL:  N

ORGANIZATION: James Crime Family Syndicate (STATUS: Second In Command, Enforcer);

TEAM:  ____ (STATUS:);


KEY MOMENTS IN PAST:  Figuring out he was bisexual in the 2nd Grade,  Becoming friends with Jules, Kissing Mary, Kissing her brother Tom, losing his virginity to Mary, getting together with her brother out of grief when she died, figuring out that they only felt friendship for one another, his father buying him a POS motorcycle (Beast) when he turned 15, working on it with his dad every weekend and summer until it worked like a dream, his mother giving him a gun for his birthday when he was 16, his little sister being born when he was 5, having to help raise her

KEY MOMENTS IN STORY: His mother having Mary killed for hearing something she shouldn't have, His mother putting his father in prison for a crime she committed, Jules almost breaking his nose when Mary died because he knew what happened but couldn't prove it, Losing Jules as a friend, becoming the second in command at age 16, killing someone for the first time at age 18,  his first heist at 17, watching his mother try to corrupt and twist his sister, watching it start to work

9th-Aug-2015 11:48 pm - Creating a Character
Maudy -  By: Bijjy
Now everyone is different but I like to keep a character sheet for every character in every book/RP/fic whatever as long as they are someone that I have created.

Now if you use this it can be as detailed or as short as you want.  You can even choose to not fill in entire sections.

But here's my character Bio Skeleton
Read more...Collapse )

So if you guys want to start planning things out you can, otherwise you can wait until we have most of the RP info figured out.

Up to you.

9th-Aug-2015 10:11 pm - I have returned... sort of
Maudy -  By: Bijjy

I have returned to create an RP..... Uh... yeah...

I can't decide on a name for the fictional town for this RP so I figured I'd post it here and let y'all decide:

1.) Briar Glen

2.) Goldshire

3.) Beckersdale

4.) Everton

5.) Jamestown

Have something else?

Leave a comment below with your idea or your choice among the five.

EDITED: So far Everton is in the lead by two.

16th-Jul-2006 09:29 am - Friending
Maudy -  By: Bijjy

I've already posted this in a friended entry before but I wanted to make it known to the general public that I'm friending my Journal.  So if you want any of the Icons, fics...ect.  Leave a comment here asking to be friended... just so you know I'm working on a bunch of Naruto Icons right now they'll be in the next post... Eventually... >.>' Still working on that Even at current Editing date... (8-27-06) 


Have a nice day everyone! 

9th-May-2006 09:18 pm - First Class
Maudy -  By: Bijjy
Okay this is actually one of the first posts I'm making with some actual importance. So uh... yeah. It's gonna be a bit long.

All in all it was a very enlightening day!
Maudy -  By: Bijjy
Uh Eventage post with a new icon (a lot of them) that I got on azn_graphics (<-- I think that was it.) Naomi's supposed to be giving me my Gackt Mood Theme at some point... so... I'll just...wait.

>.> Gackt... wow... 

Comment... because you love me... or... whatever... >.>'
21st-Apr-2006 04:44 pm - A Bad Day... *sighs*
Maudy -  By: Bijjy
This entire post is nothing but me bitching about my bad day and about just exactly WHY I'm sitting at my computer crying.  If you don't care then go the fuck away and don't leave me a comment about 'getting over it' because I deal with WAY too much shit to have to worry about what YOU think I should be 'able to handle.'  So if that's what you're going to end up saying then just leave.  I'm sorry if I'm bitchy but understand that I really don't want to hear from people who think I'm being childish about being in pain and shit.  

Sorry... if you care you can go ahead and read it now.

6th-Apr-2006 07:33 pm - Friend's Lock
Maudy -  By: Bijjy
I've updated my journal with awesome shiznizz that I've written. But I've friended it so... unless you've been friended, you won't be able to see it.

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