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What the Frickity Frack
Paddillywack is that?
Mattias James 
10th-Aug-2015 12:22 am


Mattias "Tai" James

as portrayed by: Alex Pettyfer

Full Name: Mattias Scott James

SPECIAL: Goes by "Tai"; is Bisexual

Age: 25

DOB: June 16th

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 174 lbs

Hair:  LENGTH/STYLE:  as pictured

COLOR: Blond/dirty blond

Eye Color: green (can appear blue at times)

Skin: TONE: as pictured

SCARS/BIRTHMARK: a scar from a GSW right above his left hip, a few tiny scars on his right shoulder

Country of Origin: USA

Family:  PARENTS: Madison James (STATUS: Alive); Scott James (STATUS: Alive, imprisoned)

SIBLINGS: Olivia James (STATUS: Alive); Mark James (STATUS: Alive)

Defining Features: strong jawline, deep green eyes, extremely muscular

Personality: He is a quiet, determined person. He can be very sarcastic and flirty.  He is intelligent but not a genius.  

QUOTES: "Either tell me what you want or get out."  "Here.  All I have is an apple. Take it. I can't work with your stomach growling."

Friends: Jordan Yoast (STATUS: Alive);

LOVES: Jordan Yoast (STATUS:Alive, broken up); Tom Flint (STATUS: Alive, broken up); Mary Flint (STATUS: Deceased)

RIVALS: Jules (STATUS: Alive); Olivia James (STATUS: Alive)

ENEMIES: Madison James (STATUS: Alive);

Blood Type: Type O

Likes: B Horror movies, chick flicks (he'll deny it), pizza with everything on it,

DISLIKES: burgers, wine, modern horror flicks, reading, playing piano

Appears in: The Soap Opera RP

DESCRIBED AS: A tall young man in tight dark jeans and a fitted v-neck tee.  He has a black leather jacket pulled tight around him.

Voice: DESCRIBED AS: Baritone

TONES USED MOST OFTEN: Said, quipped, snapped, yawned, sighed, rasped, hoarsed, roared, hissed through his teeth, murmured, mumbled, whispered

Part of:  SCHOOL:  N

ORGANIZATION: James Crime Family Syndicate (STATUS: Second In Command, Enforcer);

TEAM:  ____ (STATUS:);


KEY MOMENTS IN PAST:  Figuring out he was bisexual in the 2nd Grade,  Becoming friends with Jules, Kissing Mary, Kissing her brother Tom, losing his virginity to Mary, getting together with her brother out of grief when she died, figuring out that they only felt friendship for one another, his father buying him a POS motorcycle (Beast) when he turned 15, working on it with his dad every weekend and summer until it worked like a dream, his mother giving him a gun for his birthday when he was 16, his little sister being born when he was 5, having to help raise her

KEY MOMENTS IN STORY: His mother having Mary killed for hearing something she shouldn't have, His mother putting his father in prison for a crime she committed, Jules almost breaking his nose when Mary died because he knew what happened but couldn't prove it, Losing Jules as a friend, becoming the second in command at age 16, killing someone for the first time at age 18,  his first heist at 17, watching his mother try to corrupt and twist his sister, watching it start to work

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